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Our Chef

Personal Profile

Born and raised in Ahmedabad, India, Chef Sarabjit Singh inherited a rich culinary tradition from his family. His father and grandfather were accomplished chefs who operated several successful restaurants in and around the city. From a young age, Sarabjit was immersed in the culinary world, assisting in his family's kitchens and learning the intricacies of traditional Indian cooking. His early exposure to the culinary arts ignited a lifelong passion for food.

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Early Years


Obtained certifications in Commercial Cooking and Hospitality Management in Melbourne, Australia.

   2000 - 2008

Honed his skills in various cuisines, including Indian, Italian, Western, and Continental, during his tenure in the culinary industry.


Joined Dimmi Restaurant in Mississauga, Canada, as a sous chef, marking his debut in the Canadian culinary scene.​


Elevated to the position of Executive Chef at the prestigious Terrace on the Green in Brampton, showcasing his culinary mastery and leadership abilities.


Founded Mirch Masala in Brampton, realizing his dream of bringing authentic North Indian cuisine to a fine dining setting.

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Future Endeavors:

Chef Sarabjit Singh envisions expanding his culinary empire by opening two more restaurants with distinct concepts within the next decade. His relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and innovation continues to inspire both his team and diners alike.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Featured in culinary publications for his innovative approach to traditional Indian dishes.

  • Recognized for his outstanding contribution to the Canadian culinary scene by local and national organizations.

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​At Mirch Masala Brampton, our team is the heart and soul of our restaurant. Led by the visionary Chef Sarabjit Singh, our dedicated staff brings together a wealth of experience and passion for fine dining. From our skilled kitchen team crafting each dish with precision, to our attentive front-of-house staff ensuring every guest feels welcome and valued, every member plays a crucial role in delivering an exceptional dining experience. Together, we are committed to bringing you the best of North Indian cuisine with unparalleled service and hospitality.​​
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